Water Well Project: Ormoto – Tanzania

In the region Loiborsoit, the village Ormoto is situated in the south, roughly 3 hrs drive along the main road in the direction of the Serengeti
National Park. Nearly 5,000 people live there, who for their daily requirements must take water from the water holes as well as rainwater
from the puddles.

In the centre of Ormoto a school will be built which to begin with, will require a drinking water well with an animal water trough and an irrigation system.

In January 2014 Renate Pyrker & Dietmar Grünwald of LNW personally visited the area and were themselves convinced of the drinking water adversity. To support the financing of the project, as organisers they launched the fund raising event “Wels for Africa”. In 2014 for LNW the net proceeds raised at several events were all used for well construction.

The whole LNW team kindly thanks all participants of “Wels for Africa” for their support:

  • Special thanks to the Major of Wels Dr. Peter Koits
  • The Wels trade fair management for the free exhibition stand
  • Thanks to the artists Krobath & Pickering for the brilliant Africa picture
  • Students of the fashion school Ebensee for the great fashion show
  • Special thanks also go to the students of the Brucknergymnasium for their costume jewellery donation

The project “Clean Drinking Water for Ormoto” will be the showcase for Wels which as partner town has taken over the well sponsorship.
Thanks to the support of all participants it will be possible for us from LNW to give the people the access to “water-education-work”.