Water Well Project: Mfou D’Abembe Department – Cameroon

Management: Hubert Belinga

Location/water situation:
The villages around D’Abembe are situated about 2 hours drive south of the capital Yaounde in a very remote area. In some villages there is drinking water from drinking water wells with hand pumps and again others only dispose of dirty water from the nearby river.

From this standpipe the school children fetch the drinking water and bring it in a canister to school. Within a radius of 15 km for many villagers this water point is the only one. Besides the catastrophic drinking water situation we from LNW also had to discover that the sanitary facilities consisted merely of a hole in the ground and that the schools were also in ruins. The storm had destroyed a large part of the roofs, so that many children could only remain in the wrecked classes.

The LNW team examined the water situation in the area concerned and intends to install wells for drinking water and include it in their LNW well building programme.

In November 2014, the area was visited by our well experts and started the project work and completed in December 2014.