Project: ECO Park AUS – South Namibia 2023

In AUS – Region Lüderitz District in Namibia, the foundation stone for an extraordinary and trend-setting environmental protection project was laid in 2022 by Life needs Water AUSTRIA in cooperation with the municipal council Mrs. Queeny Koopmann and the district council Mrs. Suzan Ndjaleka.

In the next 10 years, an ECO Park is to be built on a municipal property of around 10,000 hectares, in which 100,000 trees can be planted under the supervision of LNW for our tree sponsors and future tourism guests. This gives our future tree sponsors and guests the opportunity to make a positive contribution against climate change and for global environmental protection.


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In cooperation with the students of the school “Art and Culture at the Church” from Illingen – Germany and the organization PLANT FOR THE PLANET – Namibia, the team of “Life needs Water” would also like to work for global environmental protection.

With the extraordinary tree planting project KINDER RETTEN DIE WELT we want to draw attention to the importance of tree planting to preserve the global ECO system.

Every tree we plant saves LIFE – for people, animals and plants. In order to be able to successfully implement projects of this type, access to WATER is primarily required. In the VSK Nature Park, which is located in the south of Namibia, we have found the right area to start our tree planting program.

The area has sufficient water points where we can start extensive tree plantations. The plantings should be the acacia trees that are widespread in the country, but fruit trees such as lemons or orange trees should also be included in the program.

With the implementation of the project, we can complete the cycle of WATER & Start FOOD because we can produce valuable food by planting fruit trees. The animal world such as bees, birds and insects will also benefit from the implementation, which in turn can make a valuable contribution to the success. The forest is a living space, supplier of raw materials, resort and climate protector all in one. That’s why we need the forests as the green lungs of our planet and stores for CO². It is an international challenge for us and the children of the world to plant trees for the benefit of all mankind in order to promote sustainable forest management worldwide.

Pupils from Illingen have demonstrated it: Each individual can make a positive contribution to the global climate and even small changes can contribute to mitigating climate change. Trees bind carbon dioxide (CO²) in the long term – especially if you make sure that their wood is used later and that the leaf mass goes into the soil through rotting. Trees that grow quickly and are large are particularly suitable for implementation. If there are many different plant species, this helps many animal species – and vice versa. Otherwise some birds, for example, will not be able to find food and plants will not be able to reproduce. The valuable CO² storage trees and bushes are not only food for many animals but also habitat.

The pupils of the school “Art and Culture at the Church in Illingen” have set themselves the goal of having 20,000 trees planted in Namibia in the next 3 years.

We at “Life needs Water” are happy to be involved in the implementation of the project and want to make our contribution to making the project CHILDREN SAVE THE WORLD a reality.

Thank you for your support!