Water Well Project: Mihungani – Tanzania

Along the main road in the direction of Singhida lies the village of Mihungani in the Monduli District region – Northern Tanzania. The approximately 5.000 people who live here must take the water for their daily requirements from the water holes in the mountains in the form of rainwater.

Besides the general contamination from the soil and insects, the water is completely unsuitable as drinking water.

In the zone of Mihungani which is sprawled out over an area with a radius of approx. 30 km a partner organisation has already begun with the construction of a school. For the villagers and the future students a drinking water well is urgently needed to give the people access to drinking water.

As there is very little ecological cultivation in the area, the LNW team is plannning to launch their project “Every Child a Tree” for the people and students. To successfully implement this, firstly a well system together with a water trough for the animals and an irrigation system will be built for the agricultural project.

The LNW team is glad that it could acquire the sponsor Caffe Latte – VIENNA for the construction of the well system. By holding a special water glass promotion they have already donated a considerable sum of money to the project.

We would like to thank all the Caffe Latte customers for their donations and their support! Thank you…