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Project: Eco Tourism Concept – Generation Life – AUS Namibia

In South Africa and Namibia, breathtaking natural landscapes and safari tourism are world-renowned. Both countries offer impressive national parks such as the Etosha National Park and the Kruger National Park. These parks annually attract tourists from around the world and are a significant economic factor. Southern Namibia, often referred to as the rugged Wild West, […]

Project: ECO Park AUS – South Namibia 2023

In AUS – Region Lüderitz District in Namibia, the foundation stone for an extraordinary and trend-setting environmental protection project was laid in 2022 by Life needs Water AUSTRIA in cooperation with the municipal council Mrs. Queeny Koopmann and the district council Mrs. Suzan Ndjaleka. In the next 10 years, an ECO Park is to be […]

Water & Food for Aus / Lüderitz – Namibia

Around 1,500 people live in the AUS – Lüderitz District region who do not have an adequate supply of drinking water, no work and no food supply. The first inspection by our LNW team revealed that there are three old wells in the region that were built in 1930 and will not be functional for […]

Wild horses in Namibia die! Project – water for animals

“Life needs Water” is an international NGO specialized in the construction of drinking water wells. In addition to the drinking water supply, the team is also committed to animal welfare in Namibia for the presence of water is also an important part. The Namibian wild horses simply also called desert horse live on the edge […]

Trainingscamp AUS – Namibia

With the planning of the “Trainingscamp AUS”, a pilot project will be developed in which young people in Africa will receive specialised training in the areas of well construction & photovoltaic energy. A seminar centre will be built in the middle of the campus where the participants will receive consolidated knowledge in the areas of […]

Water Well Project: Sinja – Tanzania

The region of Sinja – Kilimanjaro District in Northern Tanzania is an area with a radius of approx. 35 km in which approx. 10.000 people live. The Massai population with their animals are currently dependent on one single broken well. As also inhabitants from other villages come to get their water from this well, particularly […]

Water Well Project: MABUNGO – Tanzania

Poverty alleviation and Increasing food security at Mabungo Village by drilling water borehole, installation of pump, installation of tanks for irrigation purposes. The project is located at Kirua Vunjo South Ward, Mabungo Village Executing Agency Mabungo Village Office P.O. Box 262 – Himo Name of Contact Person: Mr. Edward Makelio Location/Area Moshi District is one […]

Water Well Project: MONDULI District – Tanzania

The LNW team travelled to Tanzania again, visiting several villages with huge drinking water shortages which urgently need our help. Primarily in northern Tanzania the inhabitants in the Maasai villages with their animals are at a disadvantage – Monduli District which especially in times of drought is adversely affected due to the tropical conditions. Approximately […]