150.000 people

we have been supplying clean drinking water since 2008!

150.000 people

we have been supplying clean drinking water since 2008!

Our mission for a better future

LNW Life Needs Water e.V. is an international aid organization specializing in the construction of drinking water wells in arid countries. The team of the association faces the challenge of implementing water projects with solar pumping systems in areas where there is extreme water shortage.

When we show people how simple and sustainable access to water can positively change their lives, we motivate them to help others build a better life.

Water for people

Life needs Water specializes in the construction of drinking water wells in Africa. Since 2009, we have been able to provide over 50,000 people with clean drinking water with the support of our donors.

Water for animals

In addition to the drinking water supply, the team is also committed to animal welfare in Namibia. Due to the long-lasting drought and the associated dehydration of waterholes, hundreds of animals and farm animals per day.

Water for plants

In addition, we campaigned for environment and climate protection in Namibia. The presence of water is an integral part of plants. Water is life for humans, animals and plants.

Our concept: water = life = work

What our supporters say about us

It was an incredible and unforgettable experience for me, which I will certainly repeat again!

Maya HopkinsCharity actionLesen Sie mehr

It’s good that there are organizations like Life Needs Water that are actively working to tackle these abuses, and we’re also a little bit proud of being able to help make people feel better.

Heidi & MarkusThe 2 RoadrunnersLesen Sie mehr

“Life needs Water” has convinced us and with this intention in the background a lot of time, care and enthusiasm has been put into making music. The willingness to donate within the group and the generosity of the people who attended our concerts was tremendous and a great sign of solidarity.

PRA!SEThe church bandLesen Sie mehr

“I’m happy to have donated something for very sustainable projects!”

Herbert WinstanleyActivate PensionerLesen Sie mehr