Water Well Project: MONDULI District – Tanzania

The LNW team travelled to Tanzania again, visiting several villages with huge drinking water shortages which urgently need our help.

Primarily in northern Tanzania the inhabitants in the Maasai villages with their animals are at a disadvantage – Monduli District which especially in times of drought is adversely affected due to the tropical conditions.

Approximately one million people and many animals live in the region of Mihungani – Northern Tanzania. They all obtain their water from one single water hole.

The Massai men drive the tractor to collect the dirty water and bring it inland to the individual Massai villages in the Arusha District – Northern Tanzania. Should there be no rain in the dry season between November and March, then like every year the people and animals have a drought.

In this area during the next three years LNW would like to build 50 wells thus creating access to vital drinking water for about 1.000.000 people.

For the realisation of these wells in the Monduli District we are dependent on the help of our LNW sponsors who might like to take on a well sponsorship with us. Help us! Every drop counts…