Trainingscamp AUS – Namibia

With the planning of the “Trainingscamp AUS”, a pilot project will be developed in which young people in Africa will receive specialised training in the areas of well construction & photovoltaic energy.

A seminar centre will be built in the middle of the campus where the participants will receive consolidated knowledge in the areas of water management, solar energy and business management in accordance with European standards.

After this training model the prospective young entrepreneurs will in practice learn the business skills of entrepreneurship The acquired knowledge will be consolidated so that in the future they will in the long term be able to process customer orders correctly and independently.

The graduates on successful completion of the schooling will be trained to be young entrepreneurs, in Trainingscamp AUS they will receive their own business office, which they will run and be in control of under the supervision of European skilled experts.

The focus will be a seminar center in which the participants will receive well-founded specialist knowledge from the areas of water management, solar energy and sanitary facilities according to European standards.

According to this training model, the prospective young entrepreneurs should acquire the business knowledge of entrepreneurship in the theory & get to know practice. The specialist knowledge learned is consolidated so that the entrepreneurs can handle customer orders independently and properly in the future in the long term.

The Trainingscamp AUS includes

Technical constructions:

deep drilling well
Photovoltaic systems for the power supply
chemical laboratory for water analysis
Solar pump System
bio sewage plant

Facilities for participants/teachers/customers:

training rooms
living quarters
social rooms
sanitary facilities