Water Well Project: Kongni / Department Menoua – Cameroon

Management: Paul Kana sen.

Water situation: Currently in the region there is no well in existence for the retrieval of ground water. The inhabitants get the water from the river and collect the rainwater. As the water quality cannot be examined, they are consistently confronted with illnesses and highly infectious diseases e.g. cholera.

In Cameroon 70% of the children under five die due to the consumption of contaminated drinking water.

The district in which the project will be implemented is called Bassessa. There a well will be built with which the village hospital, the village school as well as the private houses will have access to clean drinking water.

The Knorr Bremse Foundation have through their well sponsorship with LNW committed themselves to help, thus enabling the poorest in the region to have access to clean drinking water.