Water Well Project: MABUNGO – Tanzania

Poverty alleviation and Increasing food security at Mabungo Village by drilling water borehole, installation of pump, installation of tanks for irrigation purposes.

The project is located at Kirua Vunjo South Ward, Mabungo Village
Executing Agency
Mabungo Village Office
P.O. Box 262 – Himo
Name of Contact Person: Mr. Edward Makelio

Moshi District is one of the six administrative districts in Kilimanjaro Region. It is situated between longitude 37º to 38º east and latitude 2º – 30’-50º south of the Equator. On the North the district borders Rombo district, on the East is borders Kenya, on the South it. Borders Mwanga and Simanjiro Districts and on the Western side it borders Hai District.

The District covers an area of 1,713 Sq. Km or 171,300 Ha of which 124254 Ha is arable land, 38126 ha. Is land covered by Natural forests and 8920 Ha. Is non Arable occupied by rocks, hills and gullies

The district has two main economic activities and these are:
* Agriculture
* Business

According to the 2002 population census 88% of the residents are involved in agricultural activities, which included banana production, paddy production coffee production livestock keeping, and horticultural production. With a total of 108,389 Ha under cultivation Kilimanjaro Mountain which is known all over the world and attracts a lot of tourist all over the world is in Moshi district. The peace prevailing within its people make possible to move from one area to another without fear, seven major rivers flowing from the mountain making traditional irrigation possible through more than 300 furrows.