Water & Business for Tanzania – Training

Scholarships for 5 African elementary school graduates to train as well builders and photovoltaic specialists in Carinthia with subsequent start-up help to start their own company.

Project Approval: November 2017

Approved funding amount: 10,000 euros

Project duration: May to September 2018


Together with the help of local companies, access to clean and vital drinking water is made possible for the villagers in water-scarce areas. Our goal is to train young Africans to become Brunnenmacher & Train solar pump fitters. The LNW program not only gives them access to clean drinking water, but also vocational training and a social income. The association has developed a special training program for future well makers, photovoltaic specialists and sanitary specialists.

Training program and curriculum:

1.) Water & Sanitation, water management, sanitary engineering
Lecturer: DI. Christian Gruenwald
Course content: Drinking water supply and sewage disposal in rural settlements
Overview and Principles
Drinking water hygiene and water treatment
Drinking water treatment plants and drinking water storage
Structure and function of drinking water networks
Well systems: Structure, function, operation, maintenance and repair
Wastewater treatment plants – structure, function, operation and maintenance

1.1) Rehabilitation of wells and drinking water networks
Lecturer: Ing. Klaus Maier
Date: 06/28/2018 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m
Course content: water supply networks, reservoirs, pumping stations,
Rehabilitation of drinking water networks.
Determination of water losses – search for broken pipes

2.) Communication training
Speakers: Mag. Marion Lauchart
Course content: Communication basis – systemic way
Techniques to improve your communications skills
Business development

3.) Business Administration
Lecturer: Mag. Riesser
Course content: Principles of cooperation with international companies and NGOs
Legal, economic, technical and multicultural aspects.
franchise model
Business Principles
Order processing for well construction projects
Calculation of well systems
Documentation during project implementation
Economic construction site documentation
delivery and accounting

4.) Practical part on setting up a pump tower
Lecturer: Dietmar Stuck (Junior) Pumpmaker
Course content: Making a drinking water drilled well in the training center of “Life needs
Water” with subsequent construction of a pumping tower.

5.) Practical part for commissioning a newly built drinking water well.
Lecturer: Dietmar Stuck (Senior)
Course content: Carrying out a pumping test to determine the flow rate.

6.) Geology and Hydrogeology
Lecturer: Dr. large
Course content: Geology: soil structure, historical formation,
Cohesive and non-cohesive soils.
Drill core Material determination during drilling
a drilled well.
Selection of the filter material depending on the in-situ soil.
Hydrogeology: Evaluation of a pumping test to determine performance
Source types and types of source sockets. Terrain specific features
for determining the location of a drilled well. well construction,
Drilling diameter, installation of the filter section and selection of the granulation of the
filter gravel. Visit to a construction site to create a deep well.

7.) Training for photovoltaic systems
Lecturer: Ing. Markus Spielberg
Course content: Excursion to the company PVSV e.U. structure of
Substructure, specification of the PV modules, converters and
Batteries, electrical control cabinet, lightning rod, charge controller.
Commissioning and continuous operation. Maintenance and repair.

8.) European Pipeline Center
Training center for water masters
Lecturer: Ing. Marko Tafferner, DI. Michael Huainig
Course content: Well rehabilitation with compressed air, search for broken pipes in drinking water networks, explanation of simple measuring systems for line monitoring, drinking water storage
Structure, function, operation, maintenance and repair of drinking water systems.

9.) Internship drilling company S&K Brunnenbau
Instructor: Jürgen Stuck
Production of a drilled well
Getting to know the drilling machine
site equipment
Drilling the bore DN 150
Installation of the filter sections and the well pipe
Construction of a well room
Installation of the fountain head.

Certificate of Training