Wild horses in Namibia die! Project – water for animals

“Life needs Water” is an international NGO specialized in the construction of drinking water wells. In addition to the drinking water supply, the team is also committed to animal welfare in Namibia for the presence of water is also an important part.

The Namibian wild horses simply also called desert horse live on the edge of the Namib desert in the southwest of Namibia and can be observed at Garub about 20 km west of the place Aus. These are massively threatened with extinction.

At Garub there was a borehole to supply the steam locomotives of the nearby Lüderitz-Seeheim railway line with water. It always dropped off water, so that the horses had enough to drink. This well is no longer functional and the existing well does not have enough bedding to supply the entire herd. The wild horses of AUS constantly have an exhausting walk between potions and pastures and many horses can not make their way back to the life-giving water source.


In March 2017, the extinction of the animals was predicted by August of the year. With status Feber 2019 there are only 79 horses left. If the number falls below 50 horses, the survival of the famous Wild Horses of Namibia can no longer be stopped.

Life needs Water Int. would like to create a drinking water well in this area with an integrated irrigation system for pastureland, so that access to drinking water and sufficient grazing land can be created for the rare wild horses.

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