Campus of Water Technology – Namibia

With the planning of the “Campus of Water Technology”, a pilot project will be developed in which young people in Africa will receive specialised training in the areas of well construction & photovoltaic energy. A seminar centre will be built in the middle of the campus where the participants will receive consolidated knowledge in the […]

Mothers & children plant a tree – Tanzania

“Life needs Water” is an international NGO that specializes in the construction of drinking water wells. In addition to the drinking water supply, the team is also committed to environmental and climate protection in Namibia, for which the presence of water is also an important component In addition to drinking water to life, an intact […]

School project: Narriva – “English Medium School” – Tanzania

Location: near Momella – Arusha national park Population: ca. 400 boarding school children School children: June 2016: 447 (from kindergarten to 6th class, 7th and 8th school levels are planned) of which 209 are girls and 238 boys. Of the 447 pupils, 209 (boys and girls) are currently staying at school. 427 young people from […]

Basic training in craft trades – Tanzania

As a foundation for their training at the Maji Ni Uhai Campus of Water Technology the participants are given basic training in one of the trades i.e. mason, electrician, locksmith, mechanic or plumber in a state-approved vocational school in Tanzania. The successful completion of the training in any of these professions is the basic requirement […]