Youth Organisation District Grieskirchen

In 2014/2015 the Youth Organisation from the district of Grieskirchen is planning a project, with which they aim to build a well in Africa. To collect donations small, selfmade table wells are being put up in the whole district. The 100 savings boxes needed for the project were generously donated by the Raiffeisenbank Waizenkirchen.

LNW wishes to thank them very much for their support!


We, from the rural youth district Grieskirchen, are planning a project for the year 2014/2015. The goal is to build a well in Africa. The well is being built for a rural school in Makumira. Makumira is a small village in Arusha, a city in northeastern Tanzania.

The project is titled “Water makes sense, Rural Youth is watching Hin!”. Through our project, we want to offer the students in Makumira the opportunity to have daily access to fresh drinking water. In addition, through the water access, we enable students to water their already created fields. To collect donations, our small, home-made table fountains are set up in the whole county.

The 100 savings boxes required for this purpose were generously provided to us by the Raiffeisenbank Waizenkirchen. For the presentation objects made of wood, we were supported by the Agricultural College Waizenkirchen. Already after a week we were able to pick up 100 pieces of these wooden objects. For that a big thank you to the students of the technical school, as well as to the subject teacher Mr. Rudolf Lehner-Dittenberger.

A heartfelt thank you also goes to director Walter Raab, for the support of the project.

We thank you in advance, and we are glad to count you as a supporter of the project.

Best regards
In the name of the project team
Aichinger-Biermair Daniel