Visionary Eyecatcha – Ebru Özyürek

Be your own fame & SHINE ON!

VISIONARY EYECATCHA is neither a model nor an art form. The connection consists of the creative bandwidth, which can be registered in no guidelines, but takes place outside the box.

The designer and the visionary behind it, Ebru Özyürek, is therefore called Creative Inspector. Whether production in styling / photography, Reconstructing Design also known as Costumzing or opulent staged fashion, each piece and each part is produced with particular dedication.

The essential durability in the merging of these creative scenarios consists of optical brilliance, visual fine-tuning and hand-finished design work. Exclusive feature: Karma couture, the first Fairtrade collection in the form of Basecaps “Holy Covers” was designed.

Oriental influences, ecological production process with unique jewelery, determine the design pieces. Tradition of the wearer: inspiration and values, from design to production everything is done in Berlin.

Holymission: Be your own fame & SHINE ON! Reflection is perfection.