PRA!SE – The church-band

In 2004, a group of young people began to form in our parish of Hofbieber, district of Fulda, who wanted to enrich their worship services with their musical skills. New music was accompanied with instruments and singing in a special way. What was at first a kind of schola soon grew into a real church band. Guitars, violins, transverse flutes, saxophone, percussion and singing formed a special frame in a very varied way.

Soon the idea was born not only to attend church services, but also to organize their own concerts to present the wonderful variety of musical possibilities and ideas. These concerts were held under the motto “TIME FOR JESUS”. The donation funds given during these performances were initially given to charitable institutions, such as, for example, Children’s hobbies. Somehow the idea was in the room to create something permanent with such money.

The idea to co-finance a life-giving fountain quickly attracted enthusiasm, and from this point onwards, we collected specifically for this project.

“Life needs water” convinced us and with this intention in the background, a great deal of time, care and enthusiasm were put into the making of music. The willingness to donate within the group and the generosity of the people who have attended our concerts has been tremendous and is a great sign of attachment.

At the end of 2015 our last concert took place. With these last donations, the sum of Euro 5.000,– could be completed, which we gladly make available to needy people in another continent with a joyous heart of the organization “Life needs water”.

I, as the leader of PRAISE, am deeply grateful for this time and the commitment of my great group, and we all like to thank the people who are with us (whether through common music, support in whatever form and as an inclined audience) this donation campaign have made possible.

Meggi Klüber and PRA!SE