“Art and Culture at the Church” in Illingen

The children’s and youth art school in the heart of the Saarland shows a heart and wants to draw water from a well with creative powers. The wealth of ideas and imagination are bundled to the goal of transporting vital energy to Africa.

So what does this have to do with art and an art school?
Since its founding in 2004 the art school “Arts and culture at the church” in Illingen has been supporting projects. With “terre des hommes” in 2012 banners were taken to Rio de Janeiro to the environmental summit, or “25 years of children’s rights” initiated several actions and exhibitions. Sustainability and recycling are always the focus of the projects. So it was`nt by accident that this time the topic was “water” and we discovered the aid relief organization “Life needs water”. To enable us to implement a well sponsorship, the project will consist of several pillars.

We will begin with recycling bottles, which will be distributed as donation containers to a large number of partners. Collected water containers will be painted with African motifs, filled with soil and planted. In campaigns in Saarland these will appeal for donations and with painted pictures to finally win a donation contribution at an auction.

We hope that we will achieve our goal and invite you to visit our homepage www.kunstkuki.de. Here we will report weekly on the realization points and there will be a lot of photos to be seen.

Please help – thank you!