Alexander-von-Humboldtgymnasium Konstanz – Well project

The well project began about 6 years ago. The then SMV (pupil-co-responsibility) wanted to “look over the box” together with the former connection teacher Mrs. Fischer and had the idea to take over a well sponsorship. In numerous campaigns (selling water drops, sponsorship, etc.) the students already collected a considerable sum – but not enough to be able to take over such a sponsorship. Even then, Mrs Fischer was in contact with the organization “life needs water”. There was already a meeting in Constance.

For some years, the project “well sponsorship” was no longer pursued, until last year the desire for continuation came out of the school..

On Saturday, July 9th 2016, the sponsor’s race organized by the Fountain and Sports Committee of SMV together with Mrs. Merkt took place. This time specifically for the project in Lunga Lunga.

In the organization team: Julia Martin, Vittoria Duffner unterstütz durch Vicky Francke

Our caretaker Mr. Schroff runs from the first minute to the last minute (22 rounds, almost 31 km!). A further 60 well-behaved pupils, parents and teachers paid sponsorship fees in the amount of Euro 4,500. Annkathrin and Lucie counted the laps for each runner for water. Water for the runners was also provided on this very warm day. Our schoolmembers were prepared for all cases, but fortunately they were not needed.

On 08.11.16 we proudly handed over Euro 10.000,– to Mrs. Stuck and to “life needs water”.

We are delighted to be the sponsor of the project in Lunga Lunga!