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We, the two Roadrunners Markus & Heidi are also helping, as every drop counts!
A short extract from the two Roadrunners travel report…

Day by day we are drawing closer to our next big goal. The town of Moshi at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro was always a fixed point for us on our journey. Life needs Water has its office here in Tanzania and we wanted to see with our own eyes, what happens with the donors` money and what it`s used for.

Much to our amazement the patron of “Life needs Water” Gaby Stuck from Austria had organized a big reception for us. We weren`t half astonished when a motor-car cavalcade with a huge stereo system and DJ was waiting on us in front of our hotel. We rode our bicycles in a cavalcade through the town accompanied by loud music, the DJ`s moderation about us and Life needs Water. This doesn`t happen in Moshi every day and the people were looking rather astounded when we flashed through the town`s streets with all the pomp and fanfare.

Afterwards in a big ceremony with speeches and thankyou`s we were given the traditional Maasai dress or better said it was wrapped around us, before we headed for the tasty buffet.

We didn`t expect any of this as we didn`t do anything special other than on our journey we made people aware of Life needs Water. More thanks go to the donors and we would have been more than happy to have them here with us in Moshi to celebrate.

We spent the next three days visiting several projects in the vicinity and saw that the money was being put to good use and that the people were really being helped. Whether it was in different schools or in remote villages the people now have access to clean drinking water.

Just seeing the children`s eyes glistening reassures us that we are supporting the right organization and will also continue to do so. It`s still difficult for us to understand, although we see it day in day out, things are different not like at home to have water 24/7, 365 days a year.

Try it! Doing without water for a whole day and you will realize how privileged we are. Each time you turn on the tap, remember that at the same time someone at the other end of the world has to walk several kilometers with a canister in his hand or on his head to fetch just a couple of liters of water to use, spread out over the whole day. The small children struggling with the heavy cans are worst off, we would love to stop and help each one dragging the canister home. That`s taken for granted.

It`s fantastic that there are organizations like Life needs Water who are actively involved in improving these living conditions. We are proud that we can also contribute and help the people to live a better life.

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