Mothers & children plant a tree – Tanzania

“Life needs Water” is an international NGO that specializes in the construction of drinking water wells.

In addition to the drinking water supply, the team is also committed to environmental and climate protection in Namibia, for which the presence of water is also an important component In addition to drinking water to life, an intact ecosystem all over the world needs to be treated and protected with respect for Mother Earth.

Some of the advantages of planting a tree:

  • Trees provide the raw material of wood
  • Trees provide food for humans and animals
  • Trees provide living space for animals
  • A tree has a positive impact on the water cycle and groundwater quality
  • Trees are the largest suppliers of oxygen
  • Trees bind the climate-active gas CO2

Every tree that is planted by women & children is a vital part of the environment and climate protection in the country. The well projects of LNW are basically built for the indigenous people who are supposed to learn from mothers as children how important it is to plant trees for Mother Earth.

With the planting a part is returned to nature so that the ecological balance in the region can be maintained in the long term.

In addition to the afforestation of desert areas in Namibia, we also promote the vegetable and cereal farming by the women and children on the one hand food for self-consumption and secondly by the sale of vegetables to get a social income for their families.

In our planned training program “Mothers & Children Planting a Tree”, young women and children will be able to learn the basics of tree cultivation and cultivation under the guidance of our LNW – AGRAR experts and thus acquire water education work for a dignified life in their own country.

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